The Great Gig In The Sky Guitar Chords – Pink Floyd

In this video guitar lesson, I will show you all of the chords originally performed on the piano in this Pink Floyd classic, arranged for the guitar.

This haunting chord progression actually works quite well on the guitar and isn't too difficult to play. We can't really get all of the individual melody lines played on the piano in addition to the chords, but these parts only happen a couple of times.

This is a great chord exercise that when you get it under your fingers, can have almost a meditative quality about it. It is a wonderful study on how you can be very creative yet still very musical if you choose to experiment a little bit with your chord progressions.

I teach this lesson on a standard tuned acoustic guitar, but it can sound great on an electric guitar as well. One thing you could do if playing this on electric guitar is to add some cool effects to the sound to help the ethereal vibe of the original piano come out.

Keyboardist Richard Wright really had one of his best moments with "The Great Gig In The Sky". The gorgeous chord progression created a great backdrop for the improvised vocal track made by Clare Torry. In fact, if you are jamming with another guitarist, it would probably be really cool to have one of you play this progression while the other improvises over it in the same style as the original vocals. Just a thought.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy playing this standout track from Pink Floyd's incomparable The Dark Side Of The Moon.


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The Great Gig In The Sky Guitar Chords - Pink Floyd

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