The Lemon Song Guitar Lesson – Led Zeppelin

This The Lemon Song guitar lesson video will show you how to play this classic off of the Led Zeppelin II album note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning.

Jimmy Page's classic main riff to "The Lemon Song" uses hybrid picking, which means he uses his pick and fingers together. The middle and ring fingers will play the open B and high E strings respectively, while the pick will play the bass notes.

I will also demonstrate alternate ways of playing that riff if you are not comfortable with hybrid picking, which many guitar players are not.

Jimmy throws in quite a few fills in between the opening riffs and I will cover those in the order that each appears.

We then have a faster paced section that sees Jimmy Page playing a bunch of 6th intervals in a very high register. The area of the fretboard that he is doing this isn't the only thing that makes this section challenging, but also the muting that needs to be employed to make things sound clean.

I will go through Jimmy Page's main solo note-for-note. There are some classic Jimmy Page moves in this one. The are lots of bluesy licks, rapid repeated licks and HUGE bends all over the place.

At the end of the video lesson, I will also cover his short outro solo.

Have fun with yet another Led Zeppelin classic!


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The Lemon Song Guitar Lesson - Led Zeppelin

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