The Wolf Guitar Lesson – Mumford & Sons

In this guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate how to play "The Wolf" by Mumford & Sons.

Before you get started, you will need to get your guitar into the proper tuning. The tuning that Marcus Mumford uses in this song is double dropped "D". You can easily put your guitar into that tuning by starting with a standard tuned guitar and simply tuning down both of the E strings to D. Therefore, the tuning starting from the 6th string would be D A D G B D.

The chord voicings that Marcus Mumford uses throughout this The Wolf guitar lesson are quite unique. They will require you to move around the fretboard quite a bit and also to mute unwanted strings for most of the chords. I explain in detail how to do this in the video lesson. After you get that basic muting down, you will notice most of the chord voicings throughout the song are played the same way.

We will have the opening chords followed by the verse then chorus. Those are the 3 main chord progressions used throughout the entire song.

The chord progression used during the intro also acts as both the bridge and the short instrumental jam section that ends each chorus. Over that chord progression, in every instance except for the intro, there is a repeated melodic lick played by a second guitarist.

That short lead guitar lick also incorporates a sustained open D string under a constant melodic phrase. It is very easy to play once you get used to the 8th note strum feel across two strings.

I think "The Wolf" makes for a great song to learn for just about any level of guitarist. The chords themselves aren't very difficult to play, however, the unique way that they are played will help you learn other chord options you can use in your own music instead of the basic open position chords that are employed by most pop music bands.

So take a few minutes to go through this The Wolf guitar lesson and I hope that you will not only get a few new chords under your belt, but also learn a great song at the same time.

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The Wolf Guitar Lesson - Mumford & Sons


  1. Nick on September 26, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    I love your lessons! Can you do Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man?

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