Vasoline Guitar Lesson – Stone Temple Pilots

In this guitar lesson video I will show you note-for-note how to play "Vasoline" by the Stone Temple Pilots.

This Vasoline guitar lesson has some interesting chord voicings and a tricky guitar solo so lets jump right into it!

The opening chord that slowly fades in with simple strums is most definitely a chord you have never played before. These types of chords are common in just about every Stone Temple Pilots song. Dean DeLeo obviously has an affinity for unique chord voicings. It works perfectly throughout the song especially when they return to that chord in the bridge section.

The main riff consists of basically two repeated notes but the rhythm might feel a little bit tricky. For the chorus you will finally find simple power chord shapes. However, these power chords move very quickly chromatically down in the middle of the chorus. The timing of this maneuver can be pretty challenging. Take it slow and it should fall into place quickly.

Up next is the solo, and it is full of very challenging licks that are a lot of fun to play. The beginning of the solo has a repeated pull-off lick into a gradual bend. But the real fun starts in the next section of the solo!

The next part of the solo uses a fast legato lick mixed with muted open strings. The lick repeats four times with a different ending each time. Try to lock into the groove of how these licks work together. There is a tight rhythmic groove to this solo that makes it much easier to play once you lock into it.

Have fun with this one guys!


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Vasoline Guitar Lesson - Stone Temple Pilots

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