Week 28: Pentatonics with Hybrid Picking and Slurs

Pretty much every guitar player who likes to play or improvise solos uses the pentatonic scale forms very often. Some rely on the pentatonic scale entirely.

Over time, certain patterns of playing fast licks with pentatonics have been developed and passed down to other guitar players for decades.

One of those patterns is the pattern I will cover in this "Lick of the Week" lesson. For the most part, this repetitive 3-note sequence is more commonly alternate picked since that is the technique guitar players are usually the most comfortable with. However, in this lesson I will show you a cool way to not only develop more speed when playing this lick, but to give it a completely different sound as well.

Instead of straight alternate picking, I will be using a a series of hybrid picking and slurs to play this tried and true lick both ascending and descending.

Be sure to download the TAB below so you can follow along with the exact picking indications while watching the video lesson.

Pentatonics w/Hybrid Picking and Slurs LOTW PDF Download

You will notice that each picking pattern is the same for every two-string set both ascending and descending.

After you have a good handle on these licks, try to play them with the other four pentatonic scale forms as well. Since everything is two notes per-string, the picking will remain the same for all of the patterns.

After that try including some string skipping or coming up with your own patterns using these techniques with pentatonics. It is a great way to really open up your playing to some new avenues!

Good Luck!


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Week 28: Pentatonics with Hybrid Picking and Slurs LOTW

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