Woman Guitar Lesson – Wolfmother

Released in 2006, "Woman" went on to win Wolfmother a Grammy award for best hard rock performance due to it's highly infectious guitar riffs and wailing vocal style.

In this Woman guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate how to play all of those guitar riffs note-for-note.

There are basically 4 different riffs to learn and they are all a lot of fun to play and a little bit challenging at certain parts.

The opening riff (which is also the verse) uses a shuffle feel on an E power chord before quickly shifting down to the 5th fret for a little 3 note hammer-on lick. After doing this 3 times you will end the riff with two power chords. The shifting in this verse section is the most challenging part of the riff.

The pre-chorus is the easiest part of the song consisting of just 4 simple power chords played once each and just sustained for an entire measure.

The most challenging riff you will encounter is the instrumental fast triplet pentatonic based section. I will demonstrate how to play this riff with both alternate picking or using pull-offs to help with the speed. I prefer the sound of the alternate picking version though.

Other than that, all we need to cover is the guitar part being played underneath the organ solo jam session. This section uses a repeated hammer-on lick on the 6th string while ending on either the D or E of the 5th string. Once you get the timing down with this one, it fits under the fingers quite well. 🙂

Have fun learning this massive hit by Wolfmother!


Woman Guitar Lesson - Wolfmother

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