Young Lust Guitar Lesson – Pink Floyd

In this video guitar lesson series we are going to take a look at one of Pink Floyd's stand out tracks from their 1979 album The Wall, the hard rockin' "Young Lust" .

In these Young Lust guitar lesson videos I will be teaching you the whole song note-for-note.

"Young Lust" starts out with what is probably one of guitarist David Gimour's most iconic guitar riffs. It is definitely one of the most hard rock oriented songs that Pink Floyd ever did. And it's really catchy too!

In the first lesson I will demonstrate all the chords and riffs in the song. I perform through the entire first verse, pre-chorus and chorus at the beginning of the lesson video.

That first run through doesn't contain as many fills as the second time they play through it on the recording. So first I will demonstrate all the riffs as they are first played in the song.

Then after that I will perform the second verse, pre-chorus and chorus with all of their additional guitar fills. Then I will guide you through the whole section note-for-note so you can be playing it with ease in no time at all.

In the second video lesson I will tackle the guitar solo for you. As always, I perform the entire solo you will be learning at the very beginning of the lesson video.

As with most David Gilmour solos, this one is extremely melodic and requires you to have a very accurate bending technique. There are also a lot of pinch harmonics thrown in for good measure.

When trying to recreate those pinch harmonics, pay close attention to my picking hand in the video lesson. All of those harmonics are happening due to how I am picking the strings. In short, they call them pinch harmonics due to the fact that some guitarists just squeeze or "pinch" the pick a little harder than usual which makes the flesh of their thumb spill over the edge of the pick a bit. Then when you pick the string the flesh of the edge of the thumb will hit the string at the same time as the pick. As long as you are over a harmonic node point that harmonic will sound. Personally I don't really squeeze the pick any harder, I just slightly adjust the position of my thumb in order for it to touch the string. I have an entire video lesson on playing these pinch harmonics here.

OK that is about it for me. Good Luck!


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Young Lust Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Chords & Riffs

Young Lust Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Solo

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