Eleanor Rigby Guitar Chords – The Beatles

In this quick little Eleanor Rigby guitar chords lesson, I will show you how to play one of the most popular songs by The Beatles.

"Eleanor Rigby" is a fantastic song for the beginner guitarist to learn. It contains just two basic open position chords throughout.

Besides showing you how to play those chords, I will also demonstrate the rhythm techniques required. For part of "Eleanor Rigby", we will be using a basic strumming pattern.

However, during the verse sections we will be employing a quick right hand muting technique to better emulate the rhythm that the strings are playing on the original recording.

I will explain this technique in detail which will make this an excellent rhythm exercise for the beginner level guitarist.

If you aren't a beginner though, "Eleanor Rigby" is a classic that you can easily have under your fingers in just a few minutes. Enjoy!


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Eleanor Rigby Guitar Chords - The Beatles

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