Everybody Hurts Guitar Lesson – R.E.M.

I've got a nice and easy lesson for you today, with a note-for-note breakdown of "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M.

In this Everybody Hurts guitar lesson video, I will show you all the simple chords and picking patterns played by guitarist Peter Buck that make up this smash hit.

Peter Buck keeps it really simple with this one, but that doesn't mean it isn't still very musically effective. In fact, "Everybody Hurts" became one of R.E.M.'s biggest hits of their career.

The verse is just two simple open position chords and likewise, so is the chorus. The picking pattern being used in the verse and chorus is very consistent as well. It is a great little exercise for the beginner level guitarist.

During the more aggressive sounding bridge section, you will be required to play a F#7 bar chord. If you aren't very good at bar chords this will be a great opportunity to practice them while also learning a really great song. The chords move by very slowly which gives you plenty of time to think of what is coming next.

I hope you guys enjoy learning one of R.E.M.'s great songs!


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Everybody Hurts Guitar Lesson - R.E.M.

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