Symphony Of Destruction Guitar Lesson – Megadeth

In this Symphony of Destruction guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play Megadeth's biggest hit note-for-note.

In the first lesson I will break down all of the rhythm guitar parts, with the second video covering Marty Friedman's very challenging guitar solo.

We will be using standard tuning just like the original recording.

When in comes to the rhythm guitar parts for "Symphony of Destruction", these riffs are some of the easiest you will find for a Megadeth song. Davie Mustaine is really great at creating complex metal riffs, but he really tones it down for "Symphony of Destruction" to great affect!

There are some riffs in the rhythm guitar work that the band harmonizes a lot live. I have included some of those guitar harmonies if you are interested in playing them.

The difficulty level ramps up quite a bit in the second video in which I will show you note-for-note how to play Marty Friedman's guitar solo.

As I mention in the video lesson, Marty Friedman has a knack of creating highly melodic, unorthodox and extremely challenging guitar solos. His solo for "Symphony Of Destruction" is no different.

There are sections of this solo where I will show you the exact way to pick the licks in order to get them up to speed. There is a lot of economy picking being used which is essential to getting those parts up to speed. If you want to investigate this technique further I suggest you check out my complete Economy Picking For Guitar video course. 🙂

I will break each section of the solo down phrase-by-phrase to make it easier to memorize quickly. This solo is quite the challenge so good luck with it!


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Symphony Of Destruction Guitar Lesson Pt.1 "Riffs" - Megadeth

Symphony Of Destruction Guitar Lesson Pt.2 "Solo" - Megadeth


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    Another great lesson Carl, Thanks!!!

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