Free Advanced Guitar Lessons

These free advanced guitar lessons are designed to help you take your guitar technique and fretboard knowledge to the highest levels imaginable.

Now I know that practically every guitar player on earth has their own opinion of what constitutes calling something advanced or not.

Lets just say that I have put the lessons on this page that I feel the majority of guitar players would determine to be at an advanced level.

However, even if you are an intermediate level player and just made your way to this page out of curiosity feel free to cruise through the lessons as well. Even though you might not be able to play all the exercises and techniques found in these lessons up to speed yet, practicing them at slow to moderate tempos can really make your guitar playing progress very quickly!

The same thing goes for the advanced guitar players out there. Spend a lot of time practicing at a slow to moderate tempos in order to develop a clean technique. Speed is easy after you have developed proper form.

Also, the chords, scales and scale visualization categories would actually be healthy for an intermediate level player to go through as long as they have gone through all the theory lessons on this site and the scale and chord studies found in the intermediate section.

As an added bonus I have a lot of free very advanced guitar songs of this site to challenge you even more. Here is a direct link to that page. Advanced Guitar Songs

I know that the internet is just flooded with free beginner to intermediate guitar lessons but I felt there was a huge shortage of quality free advanced guitar lessons out there so hopefully this page will help to rectify that a little bit. Just don't hurt yourself! 🙂
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Free Advanced Guitar Lessons


Effective Hand Stretches For Guitarists Pt.1

Effective Hand Stretches For Guitarists Pt.2


Harp Harmonics Pt.1

Harp Harmonics Pt.2

Legato Techniques Pt.1

Legato Techniques Pt.2

Economy Picking

Fret Hand/Pick Hand Synchronization

Cross Picking/Chordal Picking

3-Notes-Per-String Alternate Picking Pt.1

3-Notes-Per-String Alternate Picking Pt.2

Two String Sweep Arpeggios

7th Chord Arpeggios Using Two String Sweeps

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar - Travis Picking Etude

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Style Series

Slash Style Soloing & Techniques Pt.1

Slash Style Soloing & Techniques Pt.2

Yngwie Malmsteen Style Sweep Picking Pt.1

Yngwie Malmsteen Style Sweep Picking Pt.2

Eric Johnson Style Fast Ascending Arpeggios

Eric Johnson Style Open Voiced Triad Arpeggios

Eric Johnson Style Pentatonics

Eric Johnson Style Chords Pt.1

Eric Johnson Style Chords Pt.2

Eric Johnson Style Pedal Tones

Joe Satriani Style Tapping Pt.1

Joe Satriani Style Tapping Pt.2

Joe Satriani Legato Techniques

Paul Gilbert Style String Skipping Arpeggios

Steve Vai Style Tapped Bends

Cool Symmetrical Guitar Licks ala Dimebag Darrell


Major Triad Inversions

Minor Triad Inversions

Diminished Triad Inversions

Augmented Triad Inversions

Major Chord Family Extensions With CAGED

Modal Progressions On The Guitar

ii-V-I Chord Progressions Through All Major Keys

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Scales & Intervals

3-Notes-Per-String Major Scales

Intervals Pt.1 "Diatonic Thirds"

Intervals Pt.2 "Diatonic Fourths"

Intervals Pt.3 "Diatonic Fifths"

Intervals Pt.4 "Diatonic Sixths"

Intervals Pt.5 "Diatonic Sevenths"

Harmonic Minor Scale Forms Pt.1

Harmonic Minor Scale Forms Pt.2

Melodic Minor Scale Forms

Exotic Scales For Guitar Pt.1

Exotic Scales For Guitar Pt.2

Soloing Over The Major Chord Family (Group 1) Pt.1

Soloing Over The Major Chord Family (Group 1) Pt.2

Soloing Over The Minor Chord Family

Fretboard Visualization

Visualizing Major Scales Pt.1

Visualizing Major Scales Pt.2

Visualizing Modes On The Guitar

Visualizing Arpeggios With Scales Pt.1

Visualizing Arpeggios With Scales Pt.2

Visualizing Arpeggios With Scales Pt.3

Visualizing Arpeggios With Scales Pt.4