Advanced Guitar Songs – Free Lessons

These advanced guitar songs showcase some of the most technically difficult songs ever written for the guitar. Some of these songs below are truly for the brave only!

I have broken them up into 3 categories, classic rock, instrumental and blues. All of these songs will be a great challenge for virtually every guitar player. Imagine learning and memorizing every piece of music on this page, YIKES!

As with any technically difficult piece of music, it is best to work your way slowly through the song and simply take it one chunk at a time.

These advanced lessons are EXTREMELY detailed, I take pride in not only transcribing the right notes, but I also study how the original artist actually fingered the guitar parts as well. Some of these songs took me a LONG time to get right.

You will also find a couple of original arrangements or transcriptions of mine (ie. Bach Prelude or Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas). Those are things I have fun doing and plan on doing much more of in the future here on this page.

When learning any of these advanced guitar songs, if you have any questions about a specific section or lick, simply leave your question in the comment section that you will find at the bottom of that song's page and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Have fun and don't hurt yourself!