Classic Rock Songs – Free Lessons

These classic rock songs make up the foundation of the modern day guitar.

It is in this era that the guitar became the dominant instrument of popular music. It was also during this time that some of the greatest and most influential guitarists were in their prime.

This page of video guitar lessons contains detailed note-for-note lessons of all these guitar masterpieces.

I have done songs from pretty much every major guitarist of this era. In addition, there will always be more classic rock songs added to this page so make sure you check back here often if you don't see something you would like to learn. It will probably make it onto to this page sooner or later. 🙂

I have simply broken the songs up into either acoustic or electric. There are some songs below that are quite basic and others that are very advanced.

In either case I am sure that if you are playing guitar in the first place you will be pretty familiar with almost every song on this page.

Have fun cracking into all these classic rock songs, learning them will teach you where almost everything us guitarists play today came from.

Classic Rock Songs