Guitar Instrumentals – Free Lessons

Anyone who knows me or has spent enough time on this site knows that I love guitar instrumentals.

There is just something about the sound of a guitar taking center stage showing that it is undeniably the most versatile instrument in the world.

I have guitar instrumentals on this page that are for solo guitar (ie the entire song is played on just one guitar), and instrumentals that require a guitar soloist and backing band.

If you learn one of the songs that requires a backing band I highly recommend downloading the backing track for that song so you can practice all the solo guitar parts over it. Being able to play with a band is an essential ability and one that many guitarists ignore when trying to master all the advanced licks that a song may contain.

My favorite site for free guitar backing tracks is . All the backing tracks on that site are free to download and they will have pretty much every song you will ever need.

I have divided the guitar instrumentals up between acoustic and electric. There are some easy instrumentals below but I would say that the major majority of them would require an advanced level of ability before even attempting them.

If you have any ideas for a cool guitar instrumental that you would like to see below be sure to let me know! Have Fun!

Guitar Instrumentals