Acoustic Guitar Songs – Free Lessons

These acoustic guitar songs run the gamut from basic beginner to very advanced and every level in between.

Below you will find songs from many different styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, classical, folk and metal.

Now don't be fooled, there are some electric guitar sections to a lot of these songs. But, I included the songs here that are either completely acoustic or where I feel the main parts of the song are performed on acoustic guitar.

Also, keep checking back to this page since it is updated very frequently with new songs. Most beginner to intermediate guitarists seem to prefer to learn songs on an acoustic so I will surely oblige and do as many as I can.

Its funny because in the first couple years of GuitarLessons365 I put up very few acoustic guitar songs. I am trying to make up for that now in a big way. 🙂

However, there is already enough acoustic guitar songs on this page for just about any guitarists to sink his teeth into and stay busy for a while.

There are fingerstyle songs, solo guitar instrumental pieces, famous classic rock and even some advanced Spanish classical guitar as well.

Have fun guys and don't forget to let me know if there is a particular acoustic guitar song that you would like to learn!

Acoustic Guitar Songs